We are the people.

 You don't know what you've got until you lose it, goes the famous saying. And though I have not lose a friend or two, they are certainly far or will be soon. Maybe it's me who likes to have loved ones far away, I don't know. Or maybe it's just this #bluemonday idea or mood I got to meet today, (did not had a clue). But I have to say some things. 

So, let me change the mood.

In the world there are people, plenty of people, which are mostly normal, average, the ones who live only to exist. These people do what they are told, complain and want others to live like them.

There are also the kind of people who live to die, the ones won't do anything to change their reality, who are okay with what ever the world gives them. 

Another kind, people who try to be the best at whatever they are doing, who will always look to to better and better until they are satisfied. The world moves thanks to them.

But there is certainly another kind of people who don't fall into any of this categories. They may have traits of one or two, but they are entirely different. The kind of people who are hard to find, hard to lose and even harder to keep. The main characteristic of this group is that they CARE. They care for what is worth, they know the meaning of connection, the underlaying principles of friendship and camaraderie.

These are the people who don't live to merely exist, don't live to die neither to kill, this are the people exist to live, the ones who are killed by life not by death, the ones who may not change the world but are certainly changing theirs, for they are not about to conform or do what they are told.

These are the people who care, the ones who matter and the ones that are worth keeping for a lifetime.

You know who you are and you know who we are.

We are the people.

It's like I'm free in a will-less land - Es como si fuera libre en un mundo sin voluntad

Es como si fuera libre en un mundo sin voluntad, un sinónimo de impotencia, como estar atrapado en la inmensidad del universo.

Quiero salir y no existe un exterior, quiero avanzar, no hay camino que recorrer, como moverme en un mundo atemporal.


No puedo ser contenido, me rehuso a permanecer inmóvil, transformándome, adaptándome.

Decido, avanzo, sin titubear, sin mirar atras.


No puedo detenerme, no me muevo yo, me mueves tu.

Mi motor, mi devoción, mi ultima fijación.

Dentro de mi corazón, estas sin estar.

Soy libre y tu eres mi voluntad.

My mental model of time as a kid, and we are not loops.

Entering this new year as an employed designer, working today January 2nd, looking down at my phone at Flipboard waiting for it to show me today's news "as if it were a normal day".

It has not been long since my life consisted of days at school and days at home. I've been working the last two years but not entirely in an stablished schedule like now.

"As if it were a normal day" because I still think today as a home day, like when I was in school and had from December 15th to January 5th of vacation.

A mental model is what the user believes about the system at hand. more

I somehow remember looking into my mind one day and seeing my model of time as I experienced back then, i don't remember exactly my age but most have been very little for me to have this image of time. There was a big block of time consisting of days, like a big month but it did not lasted 30 days, but the entire school period after summer, then there was a little chunk of time also like a month but shorter which were winter holidays, and then another big block of school days and finally a not so little block of summer vacations. 

My mental model of time as a kid. I kind of remember that months where arranged inside these blocks.

My mental model of time as a kid. I kind of remember that months where arranged inside these blocks.

Anyway, though I now know that the world and time does not function that way I still feel like these days are about staying home with my family and playing or going out. It has took some effort to change the way my mind thinks about time, after 18 years of schooling and modeling my brain for that model. I remember reading a little about this change of time in The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter--And How to Make the Most of Them Now  and how it affects our transformation from students to our roles in society.

Now my model of time is not even the one of year after year, month after month. I think it looks something like this.

My mental model of time (not life).

My mental model of time (not life).

I don't like to think of time as years and months that repeat themselves over and over, our life is not a loop (though it seems like it when you look back, Timehop), our life goes on, forward. And for not to repeat our mistakes we have to look farther away and see that it's not January again, but the 1213xxx month of your life and that you have just 123xx months left. What are you going to do about it?